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Sirius Software Quality Associates, Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with Bender RBT. Bender RBT Inc is the world’s leading expert in Requirements Based Testing (RBT). “Their approach to testing pushes quality higher upstream, which is perfectly in keeping with our philosophy” said David Gilbert, President of Sirius SQA. “We are very excited about this partnership, and the upcoming integration between our two products.”

The RBT process first ensures that the specifications are correct, complete, unambiguous, and logically consistent. Then a necessary and sufficient set of test cases, from a black box perspective, are created to ensure that the design and code fully meet those requirements. By integrating testing throughout the development life cycle the focus shifts from mere defect detection to defect prevention.

An integration between the companies two products is in the planning stages, with the intent being for BenderRBT to be able to export all of it’s generated test cases directly into TestExplorer projects for execution in TestExplorer.

“We feel this will offer a significant way for both of our clientelles to leverage their investments, and achieve a much higher level of quality in their testing process.” David said, “The synergies between our products is very strong; The ability to quickly generate what you know is the right testcases for your desired coverage, and then rapidly execute them and capture solid results, without the initial overhead of automation, is a powerful methodology, especially for test teams dealing with large amounts of new functionality.”

For more information about Sirius Software Quality Associates, Inc. and TestExplorer, please visit www.sirius-sqa.com.

For more information about BenderRBT, and their services or products, pleasevisit www.benderrbt.com.

Sirius Software Quality Associates, Inc. to attend StarEast Conference and Expo.
Sirius SQA is pleased to be hosting a booth at the upcoming StarEast Conference in Orlando, Florida, May 16-20th. “This marks a major milestone in the growth and evolution of our company.” said David Gilbert, President of Sirius SQA. “We feel this conference provides the perfect opportunity for us to begin to gain more widespread corporate recognition, and to get our flagship product, TestExplorer, into a more visible position in the marketspace. StarEast is one of the most well known, well attended, and well respected trade shows in our industry, and us having a booth there will strengthen our position as serious new player in the testing software industry.”

David has also been chosen as a presenter in the “Lightning Talks” to be presented Thursday morning.

“It is an honor to be chosen to speak in a forum such as this, and we truly welcome the opportunity to let people get to know us in a different way than the website may communicate.”

For more information on StarEast, please visit www.sqe.com/stareast/.

For more information on Sirius SQA, please visit www.sirius-sqa.com.